Promotion - Can It Up for Festive Season: Stock Up on 355 mL (12 oz.) Blank Cans

Consultation & Design


We provide business consultation to our clients on budgeting and forecasting, inventory management, and cost modelling. Our goal is to assist you throughout the whole supply chain process so you can receive your products in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Depending on your business requirements, we can adopt various pricing and logistics models to tailor your needs. We offer blank aluminum cans to help reduce lead times and risks so that you can get your product on shelves sooner.

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Customized Design

We can guide you through the printing process with ease and efficiency, so your finished product is delivered exactly the way you imagined. From matte finishes to BPANI liners, we have what you need!

We offer engraving and embossed designs for can ends at the color of your choice. We also offer bar code printing on the inside the can ends if this suits your needs. Any customized tab and base colors available. EPOXY and BPANIL liners are both available for the internal coating of can and can ends.

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