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Freight Service and Warehousing

Cans set, ends secured, trays ready – now it's time for the crucial logistics and warehousing step. At ALNA Packaging, we tackle the unpredictable nature of global shipping and storage head-on. While we can't control every external factor, our experienced team navigates these challenges with skill and flexibility.

Our warehousing keeps your products safe and ready for dispatch, and our freight service ensures careful delivery to the right location at the right time. Experience a smooth, dependable journey from production to shelf with us.

Freight Service

Navigating through the unpredictable waves of global logistics, our Freight Service connects over 50 major ports worldwide. We're adept at handling the uncertainties of international shipping, from the challenges of COVID-19 disruptions to geopolitical complexities. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your shipments are not just on time but also cost-effective.



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Seaports across North America, South America, Europe & Asia


Our Warehousing solutions span North America and China, with our latest fully-managed facility in Fontana, California. Just two hours from the LA sea terminal, this FDA-certified warehouse is integrated with a WMS for optimal management.

Effective warehousing means being ready for anything.

Our facilities help you reduce waste, shorten lead times, and ensure quality. We understand that the high seas and global landscape are unpredictable, but with your products securely stored and easily accessible, navigating these challenges becomes smoother.
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