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Aseptic Packaging

Beyond our range of aluminum cans and ends, ALNA Packaging extends its offerings to include aseptic packaging solutions. Ideal for preserving and protecting a variety of food and beverages, our aseptic packaging options provide a straightforward, efficient way to keep your products fresh and safe.

While we don’t claim the flashiness of novel technologies, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable, high-quality packaging solutions through our extensive network of top manufacturers. This approach allows us to offer a diverse selection of aseptic packaging styles, from standard sizes to customized solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Aseptic Packaging Options


STANDARD (6-layer)

The most common structure, comprised of three key materials: paperboard, lamination, and aluminum.

1) Inside multilayer
2) Tie layer
3) Aluminum foil
4) Lamination layer
5) Paperboard with printing ink
6) Outer layer


K-FILM (5-layer)

The exceptional K-film can reduce oxygen transmission and improve the shelf life and freshness.

1) K-film
2) Aluminum foil
3) Lamination layer
4) Paperboard with printing ink
5) Outer layer


METALISED (8-layer)

Two additional layers that makes your products to stand out from the standard packages.

1) Inside multilayer
2) Tie layer
3) Aluminum foil
4) Lamination layer 2
5) Paperboard with printing ink
6) Lamination layer 1
7) Metalised film
8) Outer layer

Explore Our Range of Aseptic Packaging

Whether you're in need of a simple, no-frills package or a customized solution for a more specific need, we have you covered. Our focus is on offering practical, effective packaging options that cater to your specific demands, ensuring your product is well-protected and ready for the market.


Practicality Meets Customization

What can I fill?

Our aseptic packaging solutions are versatile enough for a variety of contents. They are ideal for:

- Juices & Nectars;
- Dairy Products and Alternatives;
- Still Drinks;
- Liquid Dairy Products;
- Food Items;
- Wine and Spirits.

How can I customize?

Tailor your packaging to fit your brand’s unique needs. Customize with:

- Various openings and straws for enhanced convenience;
- A selection of printing methods for distinctive branding;
- Multiple material effects to create a standout look;
- Flexible quantities to match your production scale.

Manufacturing Partners

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Why Choose Us


Quality Assured

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP, UKAS 005, PEFC, FSC, BRC Certification Body, Icontec, FDA, HALAL, FSSC 22000



Commercially ready recyclable packaging, including bio-based polymer, AI-free barrier, paper straws, and bio PE caps.


Competitive Pricing

We offer tiered pricing and rebate structures for large order quantities and adjust our prices regularly based on the market movements.

Eco-practical solutions

aseptic packaging natural series bio-based

Natural Series and Bendable Paper Straws

Our Natural Series, now available for the brick range, features a sustainable design with an outer bio-based polymer coating and unbleached paperboard.

Complementing this, our bendable paper straws are also commercially available, enhancing both eco-friendliness and functionality.