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Corrugated Trays

corrugated rollover beverage beer trays alna packaging
After perfecting your beverage, securing the right cans and ends, it's time to get your product to the shelves and into customers' hands. Our trays are designed to do one thing well – carry your beverages safely and efficiently.

They may not be the most exciting part of your packaging, but they can ensure your drinks reach their destination just as you intended. And for those who want to add a touch of branding or need special sizes, we offer custom options too.

Our Most Popular 24-pack Standard and 24-pack Sleek Trays

Browse our selection featuring the reliable 24-Pack Standard and Sleek Trays, designed for efficient beverage transportation. Need something different? No problem! Reach out to us for custom tray solutions that perfectly match your requirements.


2-way Rollover Trays

Explore our user-friendly corrugated trays! Designed for compact storage, they easily fold flat without glue. Ideal for custom branding and offering reliable protection during transport. Practical, efficient, and perfect for your packaging needs.

24-pack Standard: 400 x 270 x 77 mm, fits 24 standard beverage cans (211 Dia., e.g. 355 mL, 473 mL, 500 mL)

24-pack Sleek: 350 x 237 x 77 mm, fits 24 sleek beverage cans (204 Dia., e.g. 355 mL)

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